Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists

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Maintaining competence and revalidation

Please refer to CIAT’s CPD procedures.

Chartered Environmentalist is expected to undertake appropriate CPD by

· Identifying and prioritising their development needs and opportunities.

· Using appropriate guidelines from CIAT together with competence benchmark standards.

· Pursuing a development action plan using a range of appropriate learning opportunities.

· Recording development achievements.

· Evaluating achievements and reviewing against needs.

A Chartered Environmentalist should where possible offer support for the learning and development of others by

· Acting as a mentor;

· Encouraging employers to support professional development;

· Sharing professional expertise and knowledge;

· Contributing to the activities of others.

It is a requirement for all Chartered Environmentalists to provide proof of CPD undertaken on an annual basis.

Professional behaviours

Every successful applicant for Chartered Environmentalist status shall be asked to sign the Code of Ethics laid down by the Society for the Environment as follows:

As a Chartered Environmentalist I will:

· Act in accordance with the best principles for the mitigation of environmental harm and the enhancement of environmental quality;

· Strive to ensure that the uses of natural resources are fair and sustainable taking account of the needs of a diverse society;

· Use my skills and experience to serve the needs of the environment and society;

· Serve as an example to others for responsible environmental behaviour;

· Not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation or discrimination; and

· Commit to maintaining my personal professional competence and strive to uphold the integrity and competence of my profession.

Revalidation of CEnv

Formal revalidation of professional registration is not required once registered. Chartered Environmentalists are encouraged to ensure that they effectively maintain their professional competences up to date. They may be removed or suspended if they are found not to have maintained such competences.

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