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aspirATion is the exclusive magazine for student members of the Institute.

Issue 7, autumn/winter 2016/17 (Page turning version)

  Issue 7 autumn/winter 2016/17  (PDF version)

Issue 6, spring/summer 2016 (Page turning version)

    Issue 6, spring/summer 2016     (PDF version)


Issue 5, autumn/winter 2015 (Page turning version)

  aspirATion issue 5 autumn/winter 2015 (PDF version)


Issue 4, spring/summer 2015 (Page turning version)

  Issue 4 spring/summer 2015      


Issue 3, March 2015 (Page turning version)

  Aspiration issue 3 March 2015 (PDF version)


Issue 2, July 2014 (Page turning version)

  Issue 2 July 2014 (PDF version)                      

Issue 1, May 2013 (Pageflip version)

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AspirATion issue 1 AspirATion  


Considering or looking to study Architectural Technology

Architectural Technology is the technology of architecture — it’s all about creating and understanding design and turning ideas into reality. It’s about buildability, durability and sustainability of construction

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For educational establishments

If you are an educational establishment looking for information on how to become Accredited, Approved or a Centre of Excellence.

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